Our Prime Day Dispatch

It’s here! Prime Day pandemonium kicked off in the early hours of this morning and will last for the next two days. Follow along with us as we keep track of the latest news and insights surrounding Prime Day, how competitors are doing, and how consumers and press are reacting.

On Wednesday, we’ll write a wrap-up with all of the most noteworthy developments from this year. 

Live Updates

Tuesday July 16, 2019

11:30 AM TechCrunch reports that the Echo Dot and Fire TV Stick are (once again) Prime Day’s best-selling items.

10:00 AM Several large U.S. retailers recorded higher sales on the first day of Amazon.com Inc’s Prime Day shopping event as online shoppers also flocked to their websites, according to Adobe Analytics (via Reuters). This shows that customers are online and ready to shop, even beyond Amazon.

7:00AM Reuters shares some information on Amazon Assistant, a price comparison shopper tool that the company is offering incentives for customers to use. The tool provides price comparisons between Amazon listings and other retail sites, and consumers are gifted a $10 Amazon credit for downloading it.

4:00 AM Amazon shared a press release pushing more Prime Day deals.

Monday July 15, 2019

1:30 PM

TechCrunch reports that 2019 Prime Day will see a “revenue lift for top retailers — those with over $1 billion in online sales — to reach 79% this year, up from the 60% lift they sale during Prime Day 2018,”: according to predictions from Adobe’s analytics arm. It also notes that ” Prime Day will become the third time outside the holiday season that U.S. e-commerce spending will top $2 billion, as it previously did on Labor Day 2018 and Memorial Day 2019.”

1:00 PM

Business Insider is reporting on the technical difficulties that Amazon is dealing with on Day 1 of Prime Day 2019.

Earlier today, Merkle noted that Amazon shut its Google Shopping campaigns down for Prime Day.

12:30 PM

Users are still getting an error message when they move to purchase.

11:30 AM

Amazon’s site must be glitching again; “prime day add to cart failed” is trending in the last four hours. Searches for Wirecutter and Buzzfeed show that customers are searching for recommendation guides on the best deals.

11:00 AM

According to Google Trends, searches for “Prime Day” are trending 1.5x times greater than last year.

By comparison, Walmart and Target have captured 2x to 3x the amount of consumer interest on Google search trends this year compared to last year.

However, a quick search on Google for any deal-related terms shows a complete lack of paid ads, even for brand terms across Walmart and Target. Typing in “Walmart electronics,” or “Target deals,” or “Target sale,” for example return zero ads.

Indeed, the top organic results for Walmart lead straight to their coupon site and list of car parts on sale. Check it out for yourself.

So if you’re a consumer looking to find great deals for Target and Walmart today, they are not making it very easy. Walmart and eBay’s home pages show no indication of a special sale event. Target is slightly better… but all of them should be doing more to promote, because they are all running competitive deals.

According to brand24.com, social sentiment surrounding Prime Day this year is mostly positive. Blogs are the most active category in the conversation, likely because many of them are sharing “best Prime Day deals” lists.

Amazon is reporting that the top-selling items in the UK so far include Bosch Drills, Shark vacuums, and Tanqueray gin.

10:00 AM

#PrimeDayAmazon is the top non-promoted trend on Twitter.

Amazon’s site speed isn’t optimal at the moment.