A2Z: Debriefing re:MARS

Last week was the fourth annual Amazon re:MARS conference, an event that centers around Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics and Space Travel (M.A.R.S.). During the three-day event, some of the most innovative players in these spaces took to the stage, sharing their plans to initiate change and shape the future using AI. 

Travis Johnson, President of Sellwin Consulting, got to experience the excitement firsthand. If you’re curious about what he heard and saw, check out his recap on our blog, and if that’s not enough you can also catch up on his live tweets from the event

A Debrief on Re:MARS 2019

Read Travis’ recap post to learn about how consumers are interacting with robots, the ways that Alexa has become smarter, the incredible agility of Prime delivery drones, and Blue Origin’s plans to mine on the moon…!

A few more interesting articles from the conference: 

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